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The two most common knots used to connect your line to the hook or a swivel are the Clinch knot and the Uni knot. Both work well, although you may find some brands or strengths of line respond lightly better to one or the other. The Uni Knot is great not only for tying a hook, but also for attaching line to a reel. The Uni Knot is popular because of how easy it is to tie and its versatility. Watch the video below for animated instructions on tying the Uni fishing knot.

20/12/2019 · Names: The Uni Knot was invented by Norman Duncan and is also known as the Duncan Knot. It was also published later under the name Uni Knot by the outdoor writer Vic Dunaway as being a versatile knot that can have many applications. Learn how to tie the uni knot with FishingAdvisor.co.nz or use our "how to" videos for practice. The uni knot is one of the most common and reliable fishing knots that you can use in a variety of situations. Click here to see our easy step by step tutorial. Watch or read the instructions - whatever works best for you. Tips. If you are not using the swivel, the double uni knot is a good option. Breaking strength is less than 100% but over 90%. It can be used for tying tapered leaders or tippets. The uni knot short for universal knot is the only knot most anglers will need for rig making. It is used to attach an item of terminal tackle such as a hook, swivel or link to a length of line. The uni knot is small, strong and compact and as it does not slip the tag ends of this knot can be cut very short. Description. In this video, Che Carson demonstrates the correct method of how to tie a Uni Knot. This very simple knot is strong and reliable and used to tie terminal connections such as joining mainline to a swivel, leader to hook, lures, etc.

Uni Knot. If I had to choose the best, most versatile, easily learnt fishing knot then I would pick the Uni Knot. Once you have the tag end of the line through the hook eye, or swivel, the rest of the knot can be completed by feel alone. Lubricate, and pull up tight. Then snip off the tag 2 or 3mm from the knot. About the Author. The Uni to Uni Knot is great for tying two lines together joining main line and leader when you don't want to use a swivel. It works well and most find it easier to tie than the Blood Knot. This knot can be used with braided line or monofilament; just be sure to make several extra wraps in the braided line. The Best Fishing Knots for Braided Fishing Line. The following knots are ideal for tying strong knots in braided fishing line of all varieties and strengths. Together, these five knots cover nearly all applications when rigging up your lines and leaders. 1. Uni Knot.

01/04/2017 · I think, considering that the swivel is obviously a limiting device for line to line connections where the function of the swivel is only to avoid having to tie a good line to line knot, you should bite the bullet and practice a good knot, like double uni or surgeon's knot until you can efficiently and effectively tie one or the other. Offshore Swivel Knot. How to tie the Offshore Swivel Knot. The Offshore Swivel Knot is an exceptionally strong knot to attach a swivel or a hook to a line. Its often touted benefit is that if one strand breaks, the other will probably hold. It is often used in conjunction with the Bimini Twist Knot to create the double line connection.

Form the Uni knot by holding the barrel swivel in one hand and the fishing line in the other. Pass six to seven inches of line through one of the barrel swivel eyes. Wrap the free end of the line around the eye and back through the same way it went before. 22/12/2019 · Uses: The Improved Clinch Knot is one of the most widely used fishing knots. It provides a good method of securing a fishing line to a hook, lure, or swivel. The “improved” version shown here includes an extra tuck under the final turn step 9. It is commonly used to fasten the leader to the.

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